The First Decade

1982 - Geoff Dargie starts Nationwide Antenna Systems & Specialty Products Pty Ltd (Nationwide).

Geoff releases the first combination VHF/UHF yagi to the Australian market. Geoff also first to introduce numerous installation accessories from Taiwan.


1985 - AUSAT commences satellite transmission and Nationwide is selected as Plessey BMAC distributor.


1992 - Nationwide was appointed as a distributor for GME Kingray.

The Second Decade

1998 - Nationwide became the Master Distributor of the UEC digital satellite integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) for the Remote Area Broadcasting Service (RABS) in its analogue (BMAC) to digital changeover. This conversion offered significant expansion of telecommunications services, to Australians who live outside of the major population areas.

2001 - Our experience with digital TV has culminated in the development of the NextWave Digital set top boxes for the Australian market. Our involvement with digital TV since its inception has allowed us to understand the needs of consumers and hence to have ensured that the NextWave range is user friendly and feature rich.

The Third Decade


2003 - Nationwide developed its own terrestrial reception equipment range under the SignalMAX brand.

2005 - Nationwide opens its Far North Queensland Branch in Cairns.


2006 - Nationwide secures exclusive Australian Distribution rights for two well-known European manufacturers, Fagor Electronica Spain and Sefram Instruments TV Meters France.


2007 - Trading name change from Nationwide Antenna Systems & Specialty Products Pty Ltd to NAS Australia. Together with our new logo, the NAS Australia brand represents our desire to further develop the many facets of our business and our traditional commitment to deliver the right products at the right price with exceptional service.


2008 - Our NextWave PVR6990 wins the Sound and Image Personal Video Recorder Highly Commended award.


2009 - Company name change to NAS Australia (NAS).


During 2009 NAS added many leading brands and products to our stable including premium head end equipment from Grundig Satellite Systems (GSS) and stylish and innovative AV accessories from Meliconi.


2010 - NAS launches its NextWave DAB+ radio range.


2011 - The Novonde speaker range is launched.


NAS secures exclusive Australian Distribution for the TangoTec range of products that allow for the delivery of innovative solutions for the distribution of up to 500Mbs of IP “triple-play” data through existing copper wires.


NAS commences distribution of the Humax twin tuner terrestrial PVR.


2012 - NAS celebrates its 30th year in business.


NAS implements a new warehouse management system (RF barcode scanning and voice automated picking).


NAS appointed as a Bosch Security Distribution Partner.


Market leading range of Novonde Digital Modulators are launched by NAS.


NAS launches a premium range of SignalMAX log periodic antennas manufactured in Italy.


2013 - NAS extends its range of market leading Novonde Digital Modulators.


The Novonde High Speed HDMI cable is launched.


NAS introduces the Humax twin tuner PVR to the VAST satellite set-top box market.


NAS introduces fiber products from Italian manufacturer Emme Esse.


NAS becomes a Ubiquity Networks reseller.


NAS selected as an IndigoVision (IP CCTV) reseller.


NAS demonstrates its commitment to "locals" looking after their own, appointing Powerhouse Distributions our Townsville agent.

And Now

2014 - Technology is evolving at an ever increasing pace and NAS is determined to develop and offer the necessary assistance, training and product range that will enable our customers to converge and grasp the opportunities this change will present. With this in mind, NAS has recently implemented an active product diversification strategy, that has seen us partner with many reputable brands in the CCTV, Security, Access Control, Home Theatre, Home Automation, Enterprise Wifi and Data industries.  The leading brands include Bosch, Paxton, OnControls, Sharp, Samsung, Sherwood, Saitell, Epson, 4ipnet and Ubiquiti.


To support our diversified range, NAS has transformed our Brisbane, Cairns and Sunshine Coast Showrooms into Technology Hubs where NAS Staff, our customers and their customers can collaborate, demonstrate and tailor personalised technology solutions to meet their individual needs.


NAS develops and releases Novonde IP over coaxial cable solution.


NAS further extends its range of market leading Novonde Digital Modulators now offering an 8 channel SD option.


NAS launches DVB-T2 TV modulation, transmission and reception range.


NAS signs a new Bosch Distribution agreement (CCTV & Home Intrusion).


NAS selected as a Paxton (Access Control & Intercoms) Sub-Distributor.


NAS selected as a Texecom (Home Intrusion) Sub-Distributor.


NAS selected as a Sherwood (Home Theatre) reseller.


NAS selected as a Sharp (LCD’s & Home Theatre Projectors) reseller.


NAS proudly distributes Centsys (Automated Gate Motor) products.

NAS selected as an EQL Networks & Security reseller.

NAS selected as a Samsung Electronics TV Sub-Distributor.

NAS selected as a Epson Projectors Sub-Distributor.

NAS selected as a Pure Jongo Sub-Distributor.

NAS selected as a Pioneer Electronics AVR Sub-Distributor.

NAS proudly opens a branch in Warana on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

NAS remodels its Brisbane and Cairns Showrooms that are available for all NAS customers for demonstrations to their clients and sell from the Showroom.