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Weekly Digest 13th of July 2015

In this week's Digest, we provide an update in relation to the supposed planned changes to NBN greenfield developments. We highlight recent research conducted by the UTS that suggests free-to-air is not a dying media. We release the Vera3 Home Controller, update our free industry training offerings as well as highlighting more industry related news articles.

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Product Release

Vera3 Z-Wave Home Controller

The team at NAS is pleased to announce the arrival of Vera's best smart home controller the Vera3. Vera3 has the power and flexibility to run as many smart tasks and scenes as you can think of, and thanks to its extended range, you easily control things outside your house too, like patio lights, sprinkler systems, outdoor music systems, pool & spa controls…whatever you decide you want to make ‘smart’.  For a detailed product release, please click Initiates file downloadhere.

Installer Development Session

NBN Installation & Structured Cabling

Confused about what constitutes an NBN Installation? Want to know how to increase revenue, decrease liability and have a happy repeat customer?  Please join NAS and Supply Partner Grove Communications for a presentation on how to ensure your onsite work is NBN ready. With in excess of 25 RSVP's for Brisbane and 10 for the Sunshine Coast, spaces are filling fast.  Please click Initiates file downloadhere for an invitation for your consideration.

Industry News


The End of Free-to-Air?

It was refreshing to stumble across this research last week.  Clearly, despite what the commentators say, research conducted by academics at UTS shows free-to-air is not a dying media. A changing media perhaps, but not one near its end.  The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

NBN to offer TV connections through fibre for greenfields

In relation to the 'NBN to offer TV connections through fibre for greenfields' article highlighted in last week's digest, I sought out our Industry contact at the Australian Industry Group to solicit comment from the NBN.  The reply from the AI Group is as follows:

"Apparently, the article you refer to is not part of NBN’s policy, but part of the developer industry’s practice to have a “clean roof” policy for greenfields development sites. For example, they’ve referred to examples of previous practices by OptiComm and TransAct, who I understand NBN has acquired customers from, as the basis for following a similar approach to greenfields development sites. So although it’s not NBN’s policy, it’s just an industry practice that NBN has adopted from the developer industry."

Let's hope it's more of the same from here on in.


As a responsible importer/wholesaler, NAS keeps its eye on changes to the Australian dollar’s valuation on a regular basis.  As a net importer, the recent slide in value of the AUD will put upward pressure on prices moving forward.

This week's domestic economic calendar is very quiet.  As a result, the AUD is at the mercy of international forces; primarily the Greek economic crisis.  Greece is currently in the EU naughty corner and we could all be adversely affected by their behavior.  The AUD could be in for a very turbulent week.