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Digest - Wednesday the 12th of August 2015

What better way to spend the EKKA public holiday than collating another digest. Sure beats the crowds!

The team at NAS Australia is proud to announce we have partnered with two more leading brands - Denon & Platinum Tools. More information on these developments and industry news articles follow in the digest.

Happy reading.

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John Kimbell

New Product

Platinum Tools

The team at NAS Australia is pleased to announce that we have been appointed as a Platinum Tools dealer.

Platinum Tools is known for creating and providing unique, time saving solutions for installers in the Residential and Commercial Structured Wiring markets. The flagship product is the patented EZ-RJ45 termination system which provides the fastest, most reliable and highest performing termination for Cat5, 5e and Cat6 cable and connectors. 


Following months of constrained Pioneer supply, the team at NAS is excited to announce we have been appointed as a Denon AVR re-seller.  We currently have three AVR's in stock.  Product sheets can be downloaded below:

For current pricing please contact your local NAS sales representative or Branch.

Industry News


Foxtel iQ3 backlash continues with claims $150 product is a 'work in progress'

As reported in the Brisbane Times last week, some users are stating that the latest iQ3 software update contains regressions.  With is in mind, some end-users are regressing (pardon the pun) to the iQ2.  The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

Foxtel’s bundle of pain could come sooner than it thinks

This recent article in The Conversation suggests that technology has allowed consumers more control over what they watch and when, thus eroding the attractiveness of Foxtel's bundled programming business model.  The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

Netflix in 8% of Australian Homes

"The latest monthly data from Roy Morgan Research shows that online entertainment streaming service Netflix has hit 8 per cent of Australian homes reaching 1.89 million people 14+ in July. Over 1 in 3 households now have some form of pay or subscription TV, up almost 30 per cent since the start of 2015."

Tim Martin, General Manager of Roy Morgan Research, believes that so far, Foxtel has not been damaged by Netflix as Foxtel subscribers view Netflix as an add-on subscriber.  Not sure I agree!

The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

FTA TV & Connectivity

Australian families increasingly connected

Some very interesting statistics from the recent Deloitte Media Consumer Survey of 2,000 Australians include:

  • Using the Internet and watching TV share equal status as preferred sources of entertainment
  • 60 per cent of Australians put using the Internet for social or personal reasons in their top three entertainment activities, equal with watching TV on any device
  • Time spent watching TV and video content has increased to 17.2 hours a week over last year
  • Currently Australians spend an average of 44 per cent of their time watching TV and movie content traditionally – as linear broadcasts
  • Trailing Millennials – the 14 to 24 year olds – spend only 26 per cent of their viewing time watching linear broadcasts and 31 per cent on streamed content
  • Some 69 per cent of respondents believe that being able to watch content when and where they want is more important than the device they watch it on

The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.


Laser signals beam DTH programming

A very interesting article in Advanced Television reporting that the "European Space Agency has successfully beamed 100 laser-based signals between two orbiting satellites."

Why is this of interest?

" A laser beam can carry about 1000 times more data than a radio frequency-based beam. Laser beams can also be used safely in situations where existing radio-based frequencies are congested, or simply not available."

The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.