Grundig Sat Systems (GSS)

Grundig Sat Systems (GSS) design and manufacture their digital processing systems at their headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. NAS proudly distributes GSS digital and RF processing and modulating equipment in Australasia.

As analog broadcast television signals go way of the dinosaurs, it is becoming more common to replace analog in-house video channels with digital versions. Soon TV's won't have analog tuners at all. Digital modulators can replace analog modulators and provide better quality using less channel space.

Modulators can be part of a system or stand alone. They can have separate encoder and modulator sections or be fully integrated. They can be full digital processing systems that turn all inputs into digital transport streams and then output to any or many different outputs. Some are capable of outputting IPTV transport streams. Some can take digital video inputs and convert them and others take analog video inputs and convert them.

Make sure to encode and modulate in the highest quality possible and then choose your output needs subsequently.

GSS Trans-modulators

Australian broadcasters, in cooperation with Optus and the Australian Government have launched the new digital satellite television service, VAST. The VAST service contains the standard national digital TV services from the five major Australian networks, distributed in various time zones to all corners of Australia. The VAST service distributes metropolitan TV content plus regional news and other services specifically to areas that cannot receive digital television by terrestrial means, largely the Australian "outback".

VAST services are encrypted (scrambled) to allow for regionalised services to be delivered by state and region, and by time zone. regional broadcaster's advertising and news broadcasts can be limited to specific areas by this means. A smart card is required to decode VAST services.

Grundig (GSS) digital trans-modulators receive encrypted satellite services and re-modulate them into Australian Standards compliant digital TV signals for play out on common digital (DVB-T) televisions or set top boxes. This solution is ideally suited for accommodation in remote areas, such as those used by mine sites. In this way, a single satellite dish is required to provide high quality TV services to virtually unlimited numbers of televisions in high density, temporary accommodation.


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