NAS Australia is proud to be the Australian Master Distributor of On Controls

NAS is proud to be the Australian Master Distributor of On Controls - the 2014 CES Control Product of the Year - the premier cloud-enabled automation system for professional integrators.



What is On Controls?

On Controls is a full control and automation system that utilises the power of your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and Amazon Kindle devices.
Using our cloud-based programming and file storage along with our wired or WiFi controllers, On Controls can be used to build any size system with almost any size budget from a basic family entertainment room to an entire estate with our open-source platform.

What are the benefits of On Controls?

On Controls takes the complicated and unreliable portions out of automation. We take advantage of the devices that clients already own and deliver a complete control solution that can be integrated into any home or business. By taking the process and complication out of the hardware, we are able to offer a simple, reliable, robust, and reboot free system. Also, by offering web based programming and cloud based storage and updating, our solution can offer dealers and customers great flexibility, functionality and an experience that is incomparable at pricing points.

How does it differ from other cloud based systems?

The term “cloud” is something that is extremely overused and, in most cases, misused. On Controls allows for dealers to program via our web based programming and sync desired information to a client’s control device (example: iPad, Kindle) from anywhere in the world. A dealer could be sitting in California and their client could be in Florida and they could make updates and changes to the programming without leaving the office. These are all reliable, secure, and time saving features that set us apart from the competition. Did Dad get a new iPad? Did Mom switch cell carriers? Did the kids get Amazon Kindles for a gift? All of the devices can be added, manipulated and set up from off site. All of these updates and changes are happening through On Control secure Enterprise Grade Servers, NO Port Forwarding or Opening a VNP necessary.

What is On-Link?

  • ON-Link allows legacy devices to be controlled RS-232, Contact Closure, and IR
  • Robust Wired and WiFi controllers allow easy installation and expandability
  • With more IP-enabled devices, our application speaks IP direct without the need of an add-on IP processor