DSR4639 VAST PVR Frequently Asked Questions

You have installed your DSR4639 dual tuner PVR and it is searching for signal (E52-32 or E50-32). What do you do now?

Error message E50-32 or E52-32 No services found please rescan.

This indicates that your decoder is not receiving any signal. This may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation. Please also confirm that your satellite dish is pointing to the OPTUS C1 Satellite at 156 degrees east.

NOTE: This is not an issue with your smart card.

You may need to re-point your satellite dish.  NAS Australia has written a comprehensive VAST Optus C1 dish pointing guide.  The guide can be downloaded by clicking Initiates file downloadhere.

What does E16 -4 services currently scrambled mean or no permission to view this channel?

Your VAST DSR4639 smart card needs activation or reactivation. Please ensure you have registered your smart card. If you have already done so please be aware that there is a 48hour processing time. You can also call 1300 993 376 for more information.

If your VAST DSD4121RV PVR has been turned off for a long time, or your decoder has lost the services due to another issue - rain fade or other loss of signal, you can re-hit your smart card on-line by visiting Opens external link in new windowmysattv

I have not used my DSR4639 PVR for some time (E19-4 Subscription Status Expired)

This is a common error for travellers and remote viewers who's system has already been activated and working but have not used their VAST decoder for some time. This arises due to the security information contained on the smart card expiring. There are two options to recover from this error.

  1. Leave the decoder turned on and the information on the smart card will updated to restore all of the activated services. The decoder usually recovers within a couple of hours.
  2. Reactivate the smart card by entering the smart card details Opens external link in new windowhere.

What does E06-4 Smartcard Failure message mean?

Displayed if an invalid smart card is inserted or if the card is incorrectly inserted. Ensure the card is inserted with the contacts towards the Set top box and on the underside.

What does E107-4 The smartcard is not fully authorized mean?

If you have previously had access to the VAST services but have either lost all the services due to an unknown fault or because your decoder was not powered up at the time of registration please visit - Opens external link in new windowhere - for decoder rehit.

The Rehit process rehits or refreshes the information on the decoder smart card.

How do I locate the smart card?

Access to the VAST service is controlled by the smart card which is supplied with the satellite set top box. The smart card is "married" to the set top it comes with and cannot be used with another set top.

The sheet below shows the location of the smart card for the DSR4639.

My DSR4639 has no power

Should your DSR4639 appear 'dead' with no power, check the power lead and power socket to ensure the unit is correctly connected.

Should the DSR4639 remain unresponsive it is highly likely that the power supply unit is faulty.  The DSR4639 has been designed with an external 12 Volt D.C power supply that is easily replaced.

My LNB is not receiving power

Should you believe your LNB is not receiving voltage from the DSR4639, you can test the output using the simple method demonstrated below.  Be careful not to short out the decoder.  Using a volt meter you should receive between 12 - 14V.    If you have no LNB voltage send the receiver back for repair.

No HDMI output

To confirm that you have no HDMI signal please check that the HDMI lead works with another device i.e. a DVD player.

Reduced signal level and quality on the second tuner

At times of marginal signal, the signal level of the second tuner may be insufficient to resolve a picture leading to interrupted recordings.  Should this occur, it is imperative that you check that the signal received by the PVR is optimised and that the tuner loop through cable is connected properly.

Should the signal routed to the second tuner continue to remain below threshold, we recommend that a two way satellite splitter be used instead of the loop through cable.  You local installer or specialist VAST retailer should be able to assist with splitter and cable supply.

How many hours can I record on my DSR4639?

The hard drive information screen in the menu shows the approximate number of hours remaining on the hard drive. These estimates are not exact and will depend on the broadcast quality of the programs being recorded.

On a brand new 500GB hard drive, there is approximately 421 hours of standard definition recording time or 162 hours of high definition recording time.

Why does the DSR4639 have two external loop-through LNB inputs?

The DSR4639 has two physical LNB input connectors so that the unit can always record or view from either the Horizontal or Vertical polarity signals.

It is true that the current VAST services are all on the Vertical polarity, however we believe your new twin tuner PVR should be future proof, who knows what changes we may see on the VAST service in the future.

Further to this the DSR4639 has been designed to maximise the use of existing installations and LNB configurations (no need to buy a new LNB if the services are moved to both polarities). An external loop through cable is included in the accessories with the box.    

My DSR4639 did not record my favorite program, what could be the cause?

The DSR4639 uses either the broadcast information to trigger the DSR4639 recording functionality or a timer based system. If the broadcast information was incorrect or the event did not start at the advertised time, the event or part of it may be missed. Altech UEC has invested in specialised broadcast monitoring equipment to monitor the broadcast service information, and in most cases recordings that have not been triggered we have managed to trace the cause to the broadcast information. Unfortunately there is nothing that Altech UEC or any other set top box manufacturer can do to prevent this failure.

To avoid missing part of the show the DSR4639 allows the viewer to set up a time buffer that starts the recording earlier and continues later than the advertised time. This should be globally set up in the menu system for the required performance.

Can you copy and transfer recorded content from the DSR4639 onto a computer hard disk drive?

There are no Altech UEC software limitations preventing the copying of content from the DSR4639 to other consumer devices.

However to achieve VAST certification and studio approval for content, the copying of content is not supported or encouraged.

My DSR4639 did not record the entire show. What could be the cause?

To avoid missing part of the show the DSR4639 allows the viewer to set up a time buffer that starts the recording earlier and continues later than the advertised time. This can be globally set up in the menu system for the required performance.

How do I delete multiple recordings off my hard drive?

If you want to delete all the programs from your hard drive, the easiest way is to format the hard drive. There is an option to perform this in the PVR section of the main menu.

If you only want to delete programs with a certain name, sort the playlist by name and enable the grouping option. Pressing delete on the group will delete all items in that group.

Why is the DSR4639 power rating 36 watts?

The 36 watt rating is the maximum current that the unit will draw, the nominal consumption is closer to 20 watts under normal usage conditions.

The rating in the standby mode is similar to the nominal value as the VAST certification requires the unit to always be addressable by the conditional access system. This is to ensure that the unit can always receive software upgrades and conditional access entitlement management messages. To do this the LNB, processor and other power drawing devices cannot be totally switched off and hence the specified rating.  

Why does the DSR4639 have an external power plug pack?

The DSR 4639 makes use of an external power plug pack for the following reasons:

  • Power supplies are one of the largest generators of heat in a set top box. By keeping the power supply external to the set top box the unit overall unit runs cooler and does not add to the normal degradation of the internal electronic components.
  • As a result of the harsh Australian climate (lightning and temperature) coupled with fluctuations of 240 volt mains supplies in remote areas, switch mode power supplies are the weak link in most consumer electronic equipment. Using an external 12 volt 3 amp power supply to power the DSR4639 allows all consumers the option to easily and cost effectively replace damaged units without the need send the entire set top box back to a repair facility.
  • The external power supply design also allows the DSR4639 to be installed into caravans and other mobile applications, with a well regulated  12 volt D.C power supply. 

What is the Ethernet port used for on the DSR4639?

The Ethernet port on the DSR4639 is again a future proof feature for connectivity to the internet and possible additional services.

Unfortunately most homes in regional Australia that would purchase a DSR4639 do not have sufficient internet bandwidth connectivity to utilise this function, however once the NBN is fully rolled out across the nation this functionality will become technically viable and cost effective for DSR4639 owners to use.  

What is the USB port used for on the DSR4639?

The USB functionality is currently limited to software upgrades only. However future software updates will include support for additional recording space (external hard disk drive or USB storage device) and other media play back for music, recorded video or picture playback. The only limiting factor is ensuring that all file formats future and past are compatible with the software and device drivers.

What should I do if my DSR4639 freezes or will not work?

  • Ensure the DSR4639 external power pack is plugged into an active 240v outlet.
  • Check that the DC connector is correctly inserted into the rear of the DSR4639.
  • Check that the DSR4639 is displaying any indications on the front panel display.
  • Check that the connectivity between the DSR4639 is plugged in (HDMI or composite/component) and that the TV is set to the appropriate input setting.
  • Reboot the DSR4639 to make sure it is not temporarily frozen.

The live picture on my DSR4639 is irregular but recordings play perfectly.

The likely cause of this is the dish and/or LNB misalignment, water ingress into the RF cable, damaged connector, faulty LNB, incorrect dish size for your location or either up/down link rain fade. Wait for the weather to clear, correct the installation yourself or call an installer to check the dish installation.

My remote control is not working?

Check the batteries are correctly installed or not flat. Replace with new batteries and retry. If you are still having problems call email uecservice@remove-this.nasaustralia.com.au for support.

Experiencing difficulty recording on your DSR4639

If you are experiencing difficulty recording on your DSR4639 500Gb or 1Tb unit and you notice that the signal level on the second tuner is low then please contact your local satellite dealer where you can purchase an attenuator. The attenuator will go between your incoming satellite feed and the satellite box.

Register on-line for VAST Services

Finding it hard to get through to the VAST Call Centre to register your VAST decoder or authorise your VAST smartcard?

Why not check your service eligibility and register your decoder on-line.  To assist you we have put together a step-by-step process document for you to follow.  A copy can be downloaded Initiates file downloadhere.