Who Are We?

Established in 1982, NAS Australia is a Queensland family owned and operated wholesaler of cutting edge TV reception, custom installation and security products. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the right products at the right price, backed by exceptional pre- and post-sale services. With almost four decades of industry experience, NAS are the fully qualified experts in the TV reception industry. 

Technology is evolving at an ever increasing pace and NAS is determined to develop and offer the necessary assistance, training and product range that will enable our customers to converge and grasp the opportunities this change will present. With this in mind, NAS has recently implemented an active product diversification strategy, that has seen us partner with many reputable brands in the CCTV, Security, Access Control, Home Theatre, Home Automation, Enterprise Wifi and Data industries.  The leading brands include RISCO, Paxton, Ubiquiti, Tiandy, Kramer, TP Link and Edimax.

Allow our nearly 40 years of experience to work for you.

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We Distribute:

  • TV Antennas
  • Digital Television Reception Products
  • VAST Satellite
  • Satellite Television Reception Products
  • All Accessories
  • MATV Systems & Components
  • Home Theatre Equipment
  • Specialty A/V Products
  • HDMI Solutions
  • Wireless Technology Products & Solutions
  • Home Automation Products
  • Enterprise WiFi & Data
  • Power Filtration & Surge Protection Products
  • CCTV & Home Intrusion Products

For more information on the products we stock please browse of our product catalogues which can be found under the Products tab. 

NAS MATV Consultancy Services:

  • MATV Consultancy Technical Advice
  • System Design
  • Drawing/Manuals
  • Commissioning
  • Build to Order Systems (turn key)
  • FREE Courses on MATV Design
  • Digital to Analogue TV Processing
  • IPTV Systems
  • Digital Modulation (SD & HDMI) Solutions
  • Complete IP Video Security Solutions

Head over to our MATV Design Consultancy page to view our complete range of MATV services. Alternatively you can visit the Products tab and view our Commercial MATV Catalogue in the Catalogue section.

APCO Environmental Action Plan

NAS Australia recently became a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant.  As a member of APCO, NAS is obliged to comply with current state and national packaging regulations and to seek pathways towards sustainable use, re-use, recycling of packaging materials.  NAS will look to reduce single use materials in packaging wherever possible and consider sustainability and environmental responsibility in future product planning.

Please see our reporting as required by the Covenant.

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