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Optus partners with NAS Australia to resell SatSleeve

NAS Australia has partnered with Optus to expand the distribution of the SatSleeve product range into regional and remote parts of Australia through its extensive customer network

Paul Sheridan, Vice President of Optus Satellite said, “This relationship will give regional customers immediate access to the technology that will help them stay in touch in remote locations.

Satellite communication is now accessible to everyone, from travelers to farmers, and through NAS’s extensive ‘reach’ into regional and remote parts of Australia, and access to the extensive customer base of VAST end-users, we can now deliver communication solutions to more parts of Australia than ever before.”

John Kimbell, Managing Director, NAS said, “NAS Australia is proud to work with Optus Satellite to expand remote and regional distribution of the SatSleeve. Our partnership with Optus Satellite dates back to the Optus Aurora project in 1998 and has been highly regarded by the NAS team for close to two decades.

“We look forward to the continuation of our mutually beneficial relationship with Australia’s leading satellite provider.”

The SatSleeve was launched in 2013 and pioneered ‘bring-your-own device’ in the satellite industry. Users can access voice, SMS and data services with the sleeve, providing there is a direct line of sight between the device and the satellite.

The new SatSleeve models use WiFi (rather than Bluetooth) to connect with the smartphone and are controlled through the all new, free SatSleeve Hotspot app. WiFi connectivity means Bluetooth accessories such as vehicle hands-free systems and headsets can now be used when making satellite calls.

Optus Satellite has the largest fleet of satellites in Australia and New Zealand and with line of sight, provides coverage across 100 per cent of Australia.