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Digest - Monday the 14th of May 2018

Welcome to the May NAS News Digest. In this edition we launch the next phase of our Pancare Fundraising efforts, report on staff movements and milestones and provide links to numerous industry and technology news articles.

Thank you for taking the time to read the digest.

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John Kimbell

Swimming For Oma Fundraising Raffle 

With the 5 year anniversary of the passing of NAS Founding Director and Financial Controller Marianne Dargie approaching, the team at NAS has partnered with Managing Director John Kimbell's 20 year old daughter Maddy to raise much needed funds for the Pancare Foundation.

Marianne passed away on Thursday the 11th of July 2013 following a long battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Marianne was much loved and respected by the NAS Team and we have all missed her friendship, support and guidance since her untimely passing.


In memory of Marianne, Maddy's Oma, Maddy is swimming the English Channel this July.  Between now and the end of June you have an opportunity to help us make a difference. We have partnered with select valued suppliers and have collected a fantastic pool of prizes for the "Swimming for Oma Raffle"   Tickets cost $5 each and are able to be put on your NAS Account.  The raffle commences on Monday the 14th of May and concludes on Friday the 29th of June.  The winners will be drawn and contacted on Monday the 2nd of July 2018.


Initiates file download





Please note that Maddy's swim and preparation are entirely self funded and all prizes have been generously donated.  As a result all money raised will be donated to the Pancare Foundation.


GME Donate $2,000 To The Swimming For Oma Fundraising Effort

On the 17th of April, Iconic Australian Company Standard Communications (GME and Kingray) donated $2,000 to the Swimming For Oma Fundraising Effort.

In response Maddy and the Team at NAS would like to take this opportunity to thank Maria, Mark, Peter, Nick and the team at GME for their incredibly generous donation. Their support of Maddy's swim, and importantly of the Pancare Foundation, is humbling and greatly appreciated!


You can track our fundraising efforts between now and late July at:


Staff Milestones

The NAS Team would like to recognise the recent 21st Birthday of Sunshine Coast Team Member Jacob Hindmarsh.   Happy 21st Jacob!  The NAS Team hopes to celebrate many more milestones with you in the coming years.


Sad To See You Go

Long standing Team Member Craig Sinclair left NAS of his own volition at the end of April.  Originally a NAS Customer, Craig joined our team in 2011.  Ever enthusiastic and willing to assist, Craig will be missed and we wish him well.

Should any of our SEQ installation customers require cabling assistance, Craig is back on the tools and is willing and able to assist.  Craig's contact details are as follows:

Craig Sinclair
Mobile: 0403 652 558


Industry News


Ten to fight $1 sale of its stake in broadcast towers to Seven, Nine

"Ten Network is vowing to appeal a court ruling that will allow its rivals, Seven Network and Nine Network, to seize control of the nation's free-to-air broadcast towers for $1."

"The towers are owned by a business called TX Australia, which Ten, Seven and Nine jointly founded in 1999. It provides transmission services across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide."  The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

Free TV and Broadcast Australia partner on next generation TV trials

"Free TV and Broadcast Australia today announced that they had agreed to conduct trials of next generation broadcast technology in Sydney. The SBS and the ABC will also be active participants in the trials."

"The trial will assess the performance of next generation DVB-T2 technologies in the Australian environment. DVB-T2 is being considered as a technology to replace the current DVB-T standard for television delivery in the medium term. When combined with new compression technologies, DVB-T2 will have the potential to allow 4K TV reception—four times the picture quality of the current high definition standard." The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

Foxtel to migrate all cable customers to satellite

"Foxtel has confirmed a long-term plan to move all its current cable subscribers to satellite."

"Foxtel Group Director of Corporate Affairs Bruce Meagher told EFTM, “Foxtel is moving to satellite only delivery for its broadcast subscribers while also significantly increasing its presence as a video streaming service."

“In the future, the NBN will fully manage the HFC network to deliver broadband services. Satellite is the best option for high quality video images watched on the large screens in homes and other venues. IP delivered streaming services are clearly the delivery mode of choice for individuals watching on a range of devices in and out of home. Foxtel is able to offer the best of both.” The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

Optus Sport extends Premier League rights, opens up sports platform

"Optus has secured the exclusive Australian rights to the English Premier League for another three seasons and is opening up its sports platform to non-Optus customers in a bid to become a telco and a media company."

"Subscribers to Optus Sport will also have access to all 64 matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in June, with 39 of the matches exclusive to Optus."

"The mobile and broadband provider's sports broadcasting arm will screen the next three seasons of EPL, from August 2019 to 2022, with exclusive coverage of every match played, including live, on-demand, replay and short-form for all 380 games." The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.


Industry News


AI levels the playing field for small business

"Artificial intelligence – AI – is on the table as a topic for discussion at every meeting I attend these days."

"The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines AI as, “the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour”."

"Until now, AI has really only been for big businesses with deep pockets and big data sets. But that’s all set to change and small firms must be ready."

"For small businesses, AI is an enabler – and potential disrupter. The opportunity now is to think through parts of your business that could benefit from being automated. Then, make sure someone in the team is responsible and accountable for checking out new technologies in your field on an ongoing basis." The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

Speedy 5G could 'disrupt' NBN model, says competition regulator

"The competition regulator has warned 5G could steer customers away from the national broadband network and towards mobile-only internet connections."

"The new mobile technology has the potential “to disrupt fixed broadband services,” according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) communications market report released on Thursday."

"Telecommunication companies are racing to deliver fifth-generation mobile technology by 2020, which will have faster speeds and lower latency than 4G. The NBN is expected to complete its rollout around the same time." The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

OK, this time it's for real: The last available IPv4 address block has gone

You may have heard this one before, but we have now really run out of public IPv4 address blocks.

"The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority – the global overseers of network addresses – said it had run out of new addresses to dish out to regional internet registries (RIRs) in 2011. One of those RIRs, the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre, said it was out of available IPv4 addresses later that year."

"Then Europe's RIR, Réseaux IP Européens aka RIPE, ran dry in September 2012, followed by the Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre (LACNIC) in June 2014. Next, the American Registry for Internet Numbers hit an IPv4 drought in September 2015."

"Of course, there was running out and then there was actually running out. It wasn't until February 2017 that LACNIC moved to "phase 3" when only those companies that did not have any IPv4 space were allowed to get any of the remaining addresses – which will only come in /22 bite-size pieces."

"But this week, we have really run out. Despite having run out six years ago, RIPE this week has really, really run out." The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

Smart Home Trends to Watch - 2018

"The global smart home market is expected to increase by nearly 250% in terms of unit shipments from 2017 to 2019. This significant increase will be the result of manufacturers and service providers altering their selling strategy, from device-first to solution–first. This means that rather than trying to sell, for example, a simple thermostat, these channel players will start engaging more in-depth with consumers in order to offer solutions and ecosystems of products that are not only compelling but also indispensable. To achieve this combination of compelling and indispensable, these ecosystems will be more horizontal. For example, rather than just selling a thermostat, service providers will sell warranty and maintenance services, as well as real-time energy saving statistics and tips. Moreover, hubs will no longer have linear functionality. Instead, hubs will have features such as video surveillance, smart speaker capabilities, security sirens, and potentially home Wi-Fi."

The following trends are worth keeping an eye on:

  • Video surveillance becomes ‘social’
  • Advanced features are commonplace
  • Use cases will prevail over privacy concerns
  • Displays and voice changing interactions in the home

Key takeaways and predictions include:

  • Consumers are starting to see more value in lighting controls
  • Multiple features are converging into single devices
  • Combing home Wi-Fi and home automation functionality
  • Expansion of company strategy: device manufacturers and service providers will begin facilitating concierge services and additional value-added offerings beyond just devices
  • The car will play a larger role for smart homes
  • In-home delivery will be a focus for many smart home device and service providers
  • Analytics at the edge will become more prominent
  • At least one major insurance provider in the US will launch a proprietary smart home offering in 2018

The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

Integrated Security A Top Priority For IoT Deployments

"IoT is increasingly permeating every aspect of consumer and enterprise activities. With the growth of microelectronics, ubiquitous connectivity, and cognition (predictive computing), IoT is poised for rapid growth. Whether malicious or accidental, malfunctioning IoT devices, such as a connected car or components of a smart grid, can pose a significant risk to consumers, businesses, and societies."

"Frost & Sullivan’s insight, IoT Security Market Watch — Key Market Needs and Solutions in the IoT Landscape, predicts that the total number of IoT devices will grow from 12.44 billion devices in 2016 to over 45.41 billion devices by 2023, at a global compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.3 percent. The insight discusses key market needs, leading solutions, the importance of security for IoT operation success, and device component manufacturer activities in IoT security."  The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.


Industry News


Family praises ‘smart doorbell’ as saving them from potential home invasion

"A MOTHER and her young daughter are praising a tiny gadget for their safety after a man allegedly tried to break into their home."

"A SLEEPING mother and her young daughter have been saved from a potential home invasion in Sydney’s northwest thanks to a gadget installed in their family home."

"Jrisi Jusakos and her two-and-half-year-old were inside asleep inside their home when a man approached the door and rang the doorbell."

"When nobody answered, the man allegedly tried to force his way inside."

"Unbeknown to him, the family had a “smart doorbell” installed and her husband, who was not at home, was able to scare the intruder away by answering the door from an app on his mobile phone." The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.

Which Smart Home Security Device Do You Trust? Readers Weigh In

"When asked what they would trust the most to keep their houses safe, 34 percent of respondents in a recent PCMag survey said smart home security devices."

"When it comes to keeping their homes safe, consumers trust smart home security devices to keep them safe, but only 17 percent currently have them installed in their houses, according to a new survey from PCMag."

"Of the 1,500 people surveyed, 17 percent own smart home security devices; 14 percent either plan to buy one in the near future, or would consider it. About 3 percent said they used to own one but no longer do."

"When it comes to the benefits of smart home security systems, 48 percent said the peace of mind they offer is the most important draw. Another 29 percent said increased security is the biggest benefit, while 20 percent said it's the ability to remotely monitor their home."

"As for what type of smart home security devices people would consider purchasing, 42 percent said outdoor cameras, 33 percent said smoke and carbon monoxide alarms or leak sensors, 31 percent said indoor cameras, 29 percent said alarm systems, 23 percent said smart locks and doorbells, and 20 percent said motion sensors." The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.


Economic News

Sluggish wage growth keeps interest rates at 1.5 per cent in April

"THE Reserve Bank of Australia has kept the official cash rate on hold for its third meeting of the year, marking 20 months in a row at its record low of 1.5 per cent."

"The RBA last cut the cash rate in August 2016, following an earlier cut to 1.75 per cent in May. There has not been an official cash rate increase since November 2010."

"Thanks to the sluggish rate of wages growth as well as the cooling housing market, most experts believe rates won’t rise until some time next year."

"While the Australian job market is improving, an increase in the participation rate has kept the unemployment steady at close to 5.6 per cent."

"In a statement issued following the RBA’s decision, governor Philip Lowe said the interest rate was kept on hold as the global economy had strengthened over the past year." The complete article can be accessed Opens external link in new windowhere.