News Flash April 15 2020

Following on from yesterday's NAS Digest News Flash, it appears as though the FTA TV educational content is set to expand in the near future. Again, it's up to all of us to promote the service (once confirmed) to households with children who are isolated at home. Resulting sales opportunities will follow including UEC VAST set-top sales, UEC VAST PVR sales, satellite dish installations, FTV TV antenna sales, extra TV outlets etc.

Queensland's TV-based education to begin on Seven this month

"Queensland's school lessons on television will be beamed into Queensland homes for the first time by Channel Seven from Wednesday, April 29.

Television staff are now assembling school classes for three days' programming each week on Seven.

The two-hour programs are being assembled by the television networks from video classes submitted by teachers chosen by Education Queensland.

The televised school classrooms will probably run from 9am to 11am three days a week, two sources have told Brisbane Times.

Brisbane Times has been told each day's classroom will be two hours long and each slot of two hours will include a mix of six 15-minute lessons from different teachers.

It is not yet clear how much of the vision is professionally shot.

Some vision will be shot on iPhone, some transferred from laptops, while some will come from Education Queensland. It will then be produced by networks into the two-hour packages that will be presented three times a week.

Negotiations are now under way on how the packages are to be structured.

Two people who spoke to Brisbane Times said a Seven presenter would head the packages."

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