Digest - Thursday the 1st of February 2018

Welcome to the February NAS News Digest - the first for 2018. 2018 is shaping up as a very exciting year for the NAS Australia Team. We are excited to announce that Tim Prag and Aaron Obrist have joined NAS to bolster our Security Products Department. Tim has joined us as National Sales Manager - Security Products and Aaron as Security Product Manager. Both Tim and Aaron have joined NAS from Risco Australia and bring with them a wealth of Intrusion, CCTV, Video Intercom and Access Control knowledge. I will introduce both Aaron and Tim to you in the digest. In this edition I will announce the release of the next video in our Network Basics Series, will announce a formal distribution agreement with Kramer and will provide links to numerous industry and technology news articles.

Thank you for taking the time to read the digest.

Staff Bios

We are excited to announce that Tim Prag and Aaron Obrist have joined NAS Australia to bolster our Security Products Department.  Tim has joined us as National Sales Manager - Security Products and Aaron as Security Product Manager.  Both Tim and Aaron bring with them a wealth of Intrusion, CCTV, Video Intercom and Access Control sales and support experience.

Tim was previously employed as Director of Sales and Business Development at Risco and Aaron was Risco's Technical & Sales Support Manager.  These exciting appointments will ensure that NAS Australia will be able to offer the most comprehensive sales and technical support of the Australian Risco Distributors and that all products in our Security Pillar are well supported moving forward.

"I welcome the additional firepower that Tim and Aaron bring to our team from a security perspective.  I look forward to NAS bringing together detection and visual verification strategies with Risco and WAMA in both wired and wireless domains and their integration with other digital systems in automated homes and business, throughout Australia and the South Pacific region (NAS Australia Product Director - David Dargie)."

In late February NAS will be adding another member to our Security Products Team with full-time security product support technician Lyndon Pearson joining us. I will introduce Lyndon to you in our next digest.

Tim Prag (L)

Having twenty nine years’ experience in the Electronic Security industry, I spent the most part of my career living and working out of Manchester, England, offering sales, project management and technical support on Intrusion, CCTV, access control and video intercom products. After fifteen years’ service with the UK’s largest independent Electronic Security company, I took on a new challenge both professionally and personally, migrating from the UK to Australia to set up the direct sales and technical operations for RISCO, a global intrusion product provider. Five years on, and now being a permanent Australian resident, I have again taken on a new challenge as the (National Sales Manager - Security) for NAS Australia, a company I had been working with for six month previous and held in very high regard; a very exciting future lies ahead.

Aaron Obrist (R)

I joined the Electronic Security Industry straight out of school as an apprentice installation technician. Gaining a passion for the fault finding and programming aspect of the job, I quickly progressed into system commissioning and contract service work. Along the way I completed various training modules and certificates and after 7 years of learning my trade, I decided to put down the tools and join the family business at Permaconn. Working there in a technical support and operations capacity for 3 years I came to understand the ins-and-outs of the security manufacturing side of the industry, all the while diversifying and improving my technical knowledge.

After my time at Permaconn I moved over to Risco, which saw me travelling to Israel every few years, as well as to NZ & domestically quite extensively. Initially responsible for training and supporting the entire Risco intrusion range, this entailed everything from technical training, assisting technicians onsite, liaising with R&D to identify product bugs and development requests to giving technical presentations and assisting BDM’s in both pre & post sales. In later years becoming more interested in the business side of Risco, my focus shifted to a sales centric role and soon after I became familiar with NAS. This interaction with NAS in 2017, coupled with the shift in business model at Risco, opened the door to an opportunity with NAS which I quickly recognised as a positive career change and led me to join NAS in 2018.

I am excited to be part of this talented team, and eagerly anticipate all the things we can achieve moving forward.

NAS Appointed as a Kramer Distributor

The NAS Australia product diversification strategy continues to evolve with another market leader joining forces with us.  NAS Australia is proud to announce that we have been appointed as a Kramer Distributor.

In 1981, Kramer was founded with passion and resolve to innovate in the video era. Since then, Kramer have consistently grown and evolved with an industry that has raced forward at lightning speed. Today, along with their partners and distributors, Kramer passionately serve Pro AV customers on six continents with innovative solutions powered by cutting-edge cloud technologies, advanced software applications and industry-leading hardware.

Kramer products are traditionally used in the following markets:

  • Business & Corporate
  • Education
  • Banking and Trading
  • Government and Security
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment

The Kramer Product Categories designed for use in commercial applications include:

  • AV over IP
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • Control Systems
  • Switches and Matrices
  • Format and Standards Converters
  • Extenders
  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Scalers
  • KM and KVM Secured AV
  • Audio
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Room Connectivity
  • Mounting and Rack Adapters
  • Speciality AV Products
  • Sierra Video

To familiarise yourself with the Kramer range and the products that might be of interest to you please visit https://www.kramerav.com/au/

As a Kramer Distributor, you can purchase any of the products listed on the Kramer website off NAS Australia.  We will start to range the most popular products in our locations over the coming months.  If there are any items you would like us to keep in stock please let your local NAS Australia branch manager know. For more information on the Kramer range and on upcoming Kramer training opportunities, please contact:

NAS Vimeo Channel - Network Basics Videos

Our IT Manager Mark recently posted the third video in our Network Basics Series.  The series of videos is designed to take new and existing NAS customers with no IT or computer networking experience through the basics of the field.  As an ex-installer trained in the analogue days I can highly recommend the series and hope that you take advantage of Mark's experience and this quality free resource.

The video's can be accessed as follows:

1. Networks Basics Series Overview - https://vimeo.com/232592454
2. What is a network? - https://vimeo.com/232632707
3. How does a network function? - https://vimeo.com/251626329

Product News

WAMA 4K Cameras Coming Soon

WAMA Corporate Video

Would you like to know more about NAS Australia's CCTV partner WAMA, please view the WAMA Corporate Video: https://youtu.be/t1-cRkx3fk0

Industry News Articles

Technology Articles

Global Smart Home Market Worth $6B In 2017, And Rising Fast

"Smart home devices have shaken off their novelty image and are moving mainstream, becoming one one of the fastest growing consumer electronics categories of 2017. That’s according to a new smart home report from Futuresource Consulting, which reveals that the devices will achieve a retail value of $6 billion worldwide this year, with revenues expected to triple by 2021." The complete article can be accessed here.

Ten Things We Learned About Smart Home Technology in 2017

This article is well worth a read and targets the growth areas our customers need to be aware of.

"It’s been a busy year for the smart home. Heck, 2017 might even be the year for smart technology, especially if it crosses over from the early-adopter phase into mass-market adoption. We’ll only know that for sure in hindsight, when the final sales and installations of smart home devices are tallied."

"My hunch is the tipping point is still a few years out, but 2017 was a huge leap step forward."

"And so, here are ten big takeaways from this year in smart home tech.

1. Voice control is here to stay

2. “Do-It-For-Me” consumers are driving the market

3. Hubs are solving the “interoperability” problem

4. Smart technology is becoming a major selling point

5. Retailers want to help consumers become ‘smarter’

6. Older homeowners seeing value in smart tech

7. Smart kitchens are heating up

8. Smart thermostats are getting cheaper

9. Renters are getting smart, too

10. “Insurtech” is gaining traction"

The complete article can be accessed here.

Some Basic Rules for Securing Your IoT Stuff

"Most readers here have likely heard or read various prognostications about the impending doom from the proliferation of poorly-secured “Internet of Things” or IoT devices. Loosely defined as any gadget or gizmo that connects to the Internet but which most consumers probably wouldn’t begin to know how to secure, IoT encompasses everything from security cameras, routers and digital video recorders to printers, wearable devices and “smart” lightbulbs."

"Throughout 2016 and 2017, attacks from massive botnets made up entirely of hacked IoT devices had many experts warning of a dire outlook for Internet security. But the future of IoT doesn’t have to be so bleak. Here’s a primer on minimizing the chances that your IoT things become a security liability for you or for the Internet at large." Read on for the 6 rules to minimise IoT security liabilities by clicking here.

Facial recognition with your takeaway coffee

"The faces of customers at Sydney's Bahista Cafe are scanned by an iPad as they approach the barista at the coffee machine."

"Instantly the customer's name, favourite order and whether they are due for a loyalty reward flashes up on another iPad facing staff." If this has pricked your interest read more by clicking here.

Autonomous car breakthrough: Nvidia unveils tiny computer chip that could accelerate arrival of driverless cars

"IS this what we’ve been waiting for? Breakthrough autonomous technology can recognise — and fix — a vehicle’s driving mistakes."

"A TINY computer chip with the power of a 'super computer' looks set to be the key to accelerating development of truly autonomous cars."

"Tech giant Nvidia has unveiled a “plug and play” operating system that would allow car companies to buy the computer power needed to process the complex task of real world driving — without the need for a driver to touch the steering wheel or the pedals." The complete article can be accessed here.


Netflix Surges, Harder For Foxtel To Take On

"As Foxtel struggles to grow their subs base, Netflix is surging with the US streaming Company delivering 8.3m new subscribers in the last quarter."

"At this stage it’s not known how many new subscribers were added in Australia."

"Analysts ‘had been tipping approximately 6.34 million new additions for Netflix who now has 117.6 million customers worldwide, wrapping up its biggest year ever for new subscribers."

"International territories accounted for the bulk of the subscriber growth in the most recent quarter and hold the key to Netflix’s future, with additions totalling 6.36 million to beat the 5.05 million averages of analysts’ estimates." The complete article can be accessed here.

Disney streaming service muscles up to Netflix

"FILMS will vanish from your Netflix library and you will end up paying more as the streaming giant faces a big new threat."

"NETFLIX is set to face a major challenger in the video streaming space after Disney announced a $US52.4 billion ($A68.3 billion) deal to buy 21st Century Fox’s assets."

"The plan means Disney will be able to offer an impressive content line-up when it launches its own streaming service, because it will control all of the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Fox movies and shows." The complete article can be accessed here.

What if the internet TV revolution has only just begun?

"Rupert Murdoch's decision to exit the entertainment business and sell key assets to Disney for $US66 billion in December was motivated by a simple belief."

“From a strategic point of view this is the right [time to sell],” Mr Murdoch said in an interview with the Financial Times. “We are living in an age of enormous disruption.”

"It's now been 10 years since Netflix made its most important strategic shift away from mail-in DVDs and into Internet streaming."

"The octogenarian billionaire was convinced that even though the Fox empire he spent decades nurturing was vast, it wouldn't be able to compete with digital players like Netflix and Amazon."

"These internet giants have the financial strength to out-muscle traditional media companies for the best content, and truly global user bases to distribute it across." The complete article can be accessed here.


Amazon won’t kill Aussie retailers but fast-moving evolution might

"Shoppers are growing so accustomed to the ease of buying online that bricks and mortar stores struggle to satisfy them anymore, Intel's global head of retail has warned Australian traders."

"Jon Stine said he visited Australia recently and thought talk that Amazon's arrival on its shores in November would cause a 'retail Armageddon' was 'nonsense' ".

"Rather, the sector globally was entering a period of "accelerated Darwinian evolution" in which businesses could either change or perish, he told a group of Australian retail managers in New York City on Sunday, ahead of the National Retailers Federation's annual expo."

"Survival required retailers with bricks and mortar stores to recognise customers' expectations had been dramatically altered by online shopping, where they could easily learn about products, know what was available and make payments with a single click." The complete article can be accessed here.

Kerry Packer’s Financial Advisor Backs JB Hi-Fi Against Amazon

"Former financial advisor to Kerry and James Packer, and fund manager of Ellerston Capital, Ashok Jacob, has offered his backing of JB Hi-Fi against Amazon Australia, amassing a stake of $270 million by close of trade on Monday."

"According to the Financial Review Jacob is convinced short sellers have got it very wrong on JB Hi-Fi, citing the maintenance of consistent earnings growth despite Amazon’s disruption."

"Ellerston began amassing stock in JB Hi-Fi in April last year." The complete article and the five reasons why Ellerston backed JB HiFi can be accessed here.

The Economy

Businesses expect a bumper year as economic forecasts paint a rosy picture for 2018

"Australian business chiefs expect a bumper 2018 with the rosiest economic forecasts in five years."

"Prospects for boosted investment and employment are the strongest since 2012 while sales are expected to increase for 67.3 per cent of businesses, according to an Australian Industry Group survey released today."

"Of the 269 chief executives surveyed, just 19.7 per cent forecasted no change from 2017 and 13 per cent were resigned to a sales decline."

"But the chances of workers enjoying heftier pay packets are limited — perhaps one reason for the CEOs’ optimism — as it is believed wage growth will remain stunted this year." The complete article can be accessed here.

Australia's economy closing in on the world's top 10

"Population growth will help propel Australia to become the world's 11th biggest economy within a decade, a report predicts."

"The London-based Centre for Economics and Business Research is forecasting Australia will climb two places on its world economic league table by 2026 from its current ranking of 13."

"Countries that depend on brainpower to drive their economies will generally overtake those dependent on natural resources, with China tipped to replace the US as the world's biggest economy in 2030, the centre says."

"While Australia's economic growth has been fuelled by resources in recent years, the centre also noted that it's become one of the most popular countries in the world for inward migration." The complete article can be accessed here.