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SignalMAX 80cm Offset Dish

Stockcode: SATDSH80CUT

SignalMAX 80cm Offset Dish with Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts & Easy to Remove Single Arm.


SignalMAX 80cm Offset Satellite Dish with a removable arm for RV and Portable Installations.
This quality dish comes with rolled edges and stainless steel nuts and bolts.


Antenna Size: 80cm
Horizontal Axis: 80cm
Vertical Axis: 73cm
LNB Mount: Single Arm (removable for Portable Installations)
Reflector Optics: Offset
Offset Angle: TBA
Aperture Efficiency: > 75%
Gain @ 12.5 GHz: 39dB
Focal Length: 47.6cm
F/D Ratio: 0.7
Mount Type: AZ/EL
Elevation Alignment: 15-65
Pole Diameter: 30-50mm
Operational Wind Speed: 90 km/h
Survival Wind Speed: 180 km/h