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Simply Better Connections has always been at the heart of the ATEN brand. It means providing innovative solutions for you to make better connections, efficiently and seamlessly, to the information and people that you value. As a result, ATEN connects you to the world, anytime and anywhere, by providing technologies that enable you to share and to care. ATEN makes professional and personal life easier, simpler and better connected.

ATEN Unizon

Global AV Management System

Your Power to Monitor, Control, Manage
ATEN Unizon™ is a server-based software for AV and IT professionals to centrally monitor, control, and manage ATEN Modular Matrix and Video Matrix solutions anytime, anywhere.

  • Centralized management, monitoring, and control for ATEN Ethernet-based AV solutions,

  • Real-time device monitoring and tracking – automatically detects and shows device connection status, hardware conditions, and firmware versions for remote maintenance and troubleshooting,

  • Global control and scheduling – supports device grouped control, event scheduling, and batch firmware upgrade,

  • 5-level device location tree – easily navigate the device by drilling down by room, floor, building, or even city.

4K KVM over IP Matrix System

Solutions for the Control Room of the Future

The ATEN KVM over IP Matrix System combines KVM over IP Extenders with KE Matrix Management Software (CCKM) to extend, control, monitor and access DisplayPort/HDMI/DVI-interfaced computers across an independent network with flexible configurations. Over IP solutions allow operators to be separated from servers, while secure, remote access is made easy, and servers remain centrally manageable.

What is the ATEN Control System?

When it comes to creating the environment for the perfect meeting, a comprehensive training program, or an interactive video conference, you don't want to settle for anything but the comfort of control, without complication. You might have a modern environment with all sorts of high-tech equipment, but what makes it worthwhile is how you bring together your presentation, audio, video and lighting in a seamless collaboration. This is when a control system comes in the picture - to provide integrated control and system automation.

ATEN Docking Stations

Expansion for Peak Laptop Capability

New cutting-edge laptops are getting smaller and thinner with fewer ports than ever. Docking stations simply help you make your laptop become a powerhouse of productivity and creativity. With the expansion of ports, you can experience workstation productivity while keeping laptop mobility, all through one single USB-C cable that integrates data transfer, charging, and video output.

This award winning, versatile dock allows to extend your MacBook or Chromebook to an additional monitor and enjoy an ultra high-definition visual experience. You can also mirror or extend your Windows USB-C laptop to two monitors and improve your productivity and get more things done.

ATEN Product Portfolio

  •  Keyboard - Video - Mouse (KVM)
    • Cable KVM
    • Desktop KVM
    • LCD KVM / Console
    • Rack KVM
  • KVM Extenders
  • Thunderbolt and USB 
  • Computer Sharing Devices
  • Data Communication
  • Over IP Solutions
    • KVM over IP Extender
    • KVM over IP Switch
    • Management Software
    • Serial Console Server
  • KVM Switches
    • Cat5 KVM
    • Dual Rail LCD KVM
  • Control System
  • Modular Matrix Solutions
  • Media Distribution Solutions 
  • Presentation Switches
  • Networked AV 
  • Video Extenders
  • Video Matrix Switches
  • Video Switches
  • Video Splitters
  • Video Converters
  • Green Data Center
    • Basic Rack PDU
    • Metered Rack PDU
    • Switched Rack PDU
    • Standing Network Racks
  • DCIM Software /  Web GUI
    • Cooling Management
    • Power Management
    • Space Management 
  • Professional Online UPS