Fagor MATV Equipment

Nexum 645 Single Channel Amplifier (SCA) Headend

NAS Australia distributes the Fagor Nexum 645 pre-built (factory configured) Brisbane re-stack ready headends . These capital city single channel amplifier systems are suitable for amplifying and filtering TV signals in MATV headend systems. These amplifiers feature AGC are an ideal adjacent channel solution.

Nexum topology is able to reject LTE services transmitted in adjacent channels to the TV broadcasts, keeping interference free from the TV channel.
The new Nexum 645 modules are backwards compatible with older Nexum housings, chassis and power supplies and may be used in conjunction with older modules if required.
As frequencies for LTE have now been allocated to winning tenders, LTE/4G in the 700~850MHz is just around the corner.  Wideband amplifiers will produce extremely inconsistent results or fail altogether.  Ensure your clients ARE LTE-ready from the start.

The perfect applications for these headends are in Small to Medium MATV digital installations to ensure the perfect balance of signals to every outlet.  The Fagor Nexum solution is your rock solid guarantee of LTE/4G immunity at the head end.

Fagor Regenerator

8000 Series

Fagor's QSPK>COFDM system is a professional headend for the distribution of television in DVB-T (DTT) format. Its main function is to receive a DVB-T transponder, select certain services, including conditional access services, opening rights (model TTT-CI8000) and modulate them in a DVB-T transponder to the desired frequency with an optimal MER for distribution.

Fagor's QSPK>COFDM 8000 converts the satellite signal (DVB-S or DVB-S2) into a terrestrial signal (DVB-T) so that it can be received directly by a digital TV or a digital receiver. It's integration with other processors, such as converters and modulators, enables the distribution of all the signals (satellite and terrestrial) on bands I to V.

Fagor's QSPK>COFDM 8000 headend is ideal for use in large facilities such as hotels, conference halls, hospitals, housing developments and mining camp sites.