Play Media Files

Access your digital media files from any storage drive in your home.

The HDR1003S can playback most common file types such as MPEG, AVI, MP3, DivX and many more by simply inserting your USB or portable HDD into one of two USB ports (front & back).


Humax VAST Satellite Recorder - Change the Way you Watch TV.

Humax is renowned throughout the world as a leader and innovator in design, performance and function of digital TV equipment, particularly in the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) space. With manufacturing facilities in Korea, Europe and South America, HUMAX has an outstanding reputation for quality.

Humax markets its premium VAST certified Twin Tuner PVR throughout Australia by utilising NAS as one of the main distributors.


From the moment you unpack the HDR1003S from its environmentally sensible packaging, you'll notice the superb build quality straight away when you see the attractive brushed aluminium front panel. Hidden behind the attractive brushed aluminium front panel is the high visibility VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) which, upon power up, shines through bright and clear.

Humax receivers are Korean made (bestselling brand in UK & Germany) and incorporate the high performance Broadcom chipset. This chipset enables the device to process data at super-fast rates making navigation through the menu’s and channel changing seamlessly smooth.

Delivering full HD 1080p quality, you’ll see the difference straight away!

To assist you in navigating through the menu’s and channel changing with ease, Humax have designed a beautiful universal remote control to do so.

Humax have done their research, understanding that the majority of VAST customers are in remote areas; they have designed and produced a ruggedpower supply, built for the long haul.

Internal Fan:  

Humax is the only VAST receiver with an internal cooling fan, not relying on ambient circulation via vent holes for cooling.

Twin Tuner – Tri-Mode Enabled

We've just doubled your pleasure.

Can't decide which show to record? Well now you don’t have to. You can record both at the same time. You can a) Record one channel (ch7) while watching another (ch9) at the same time, or b) Record two separate channels (ABC & SBS) at the same time while watching back a PRE recorded program (The Simpson's).

Chase & Time Shift Playback

Time is in the palm of your hands, and you get to control it.

Ever get interrupted when your favourite show is on? Of course you do. Now you can play back your show while it’s being reordered, pause it, and resume again when you’re ready (2 hours buffering). Or simply watch your favourite scenes time and time again, and skip the parts you don’t want to watch.

Home Networking

Gather all your media and stream it anywhere around your home.

The HDR1003S is also a high end media player. This allows you to access and play your files (photos, music and videos) from your home network, all from one convenient location (Ethernet connection or WiFi adaptor required).

Humax TV Portal

Access popular online content from the comfort of your living room.

The Humax TV Portal is your gateway to a host of extra catch-up and on-demand services. Simply hook up the receiver to your home network using an Ethernet cable, power-line adaptors or a Humax wireless dongle, to access a wide range of services including YouTube, Picasa and Wiki@TV. (Content subject to change). (Internet connection required).

Catch Up & VOD Services

Forgot to record Lateline? Don't worry, ABC iView and SBS on Demand allow you to catch up on episodes you've missed.

Access popular online content from the comfort of your living room.

Network Catch-up services:

Don't be limited by the TV Program Schedule (EPG). With Humax, you can enjoy your favourite program even if you missed the original broadcast. With ABC iView and SBS on Demand, enjoy a wide variety of entertainment on your big TV screen.

Global applications and HUMAX App Market:

Global applications such as YouTube, Facebook, twitter and more are available. You can add additional Apps from the Humax App Market. Constant updates to keep up to date with new releases.

Video on Demand:

Quickflix allows you to instantly stream hundreds of blockbuster movies and TV shows from QuickflixPlay. Whether its latest releases, award winners or classics they're all available in the comfort of your lounge room with HUMAX.


More than 2000 Australian TV shows, movies and documentaries from around the world. Choose from more than 50 genres.

Universal Remote

Human Engineering- Designed to fit for natural grip.

Intelligent Layout- User friendly layout with larger buttons for those frequently used.

Avalaible Products

HDR1003S500 - VAST Certified Twin Tuner HD PVR

HDR1003SNO - Robust VAST Receiver (PVR Ready- Twin Tuner)

The HDR1003SNO is the identical unit to that of the HDR1003S500, but without the certified detachable hard drive. It is marketed as a Robust VAST Receiver, but is fully twin tuner PVR ready.

VAST Model Comparisons

Please see Humax Website to run through the VAST models (Humax, Satking & UEC) comparisons.