GME Kingray TV reception products are recognised throughout the Asia/Pacific region for performance and dependability. Our range includes terrestrial and satellite TV signal amplifiers, frequency converters, modulators and high power distribution amplifiers.

NAS has always demonstrated its unwavering commitment to offering quality products by proudly distributing the Kingray range, and has done so for the past 22 years.

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Masthead Ampflifiers

Edge Series - The Future Proof Solution

The NEW Kingray Edge series has been engineered to provide a future proof solution with switchable LTE/4G filtering to maximise interference rejection.

The Edge series features links allowing the amplifier to be configured to best suit the installation now and in the future. The range includes both wide-band and UHF only models used to amplify the whole UHF band or alternatively by re-positioning the links, all services above 694 MHz are filtered, blocking future LTE transmissions.

In addition to LTE filtering some wide-band models in the Edge series include user selectable low band filtering to eliminate all services below 174 MHz.

The Edge series is designed to meet the needs of the television reception industry now and into the future. Kingray Edge series amplifiers come with an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Digital Modulator


The KDM01 is ideal for converting an analogue AV or S-VHS signal either from a satellite decoder, DVD, video surveillance camera or video door phone and modulating it into a digital format (DVB-T) for distribution in a TV cable network. With intuitive, simple menus, the KDM01 provides easy and fast installation while ensuring peak performance.

The latest intelligent electronic components have been used in the design of the KDM01, including the technologically advanced Fujitsu encoder. Combine this with the latest software and hardware advances and you have a product that boasts optimum performance and reliability. Compact enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the KDM01 is the smallest digital modulator on the market, with a price to match. Its introduction heralds a new era in quality, affordable and reliable digital modulation.

The KDM01 is backed by a 2 year Kingray warranty.

Kingray Professional Series

Signal processing headend systems filter signal using double-sawtooth filtering methods, ensuring the highest possible SNR and MER outputs. Signal processors feature AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for output level stability. Signal processors move the channel from it's input frequency and process it at an intermediate frequency, allowing noise to be moved from the output channel slot, whether it's the original or new channel position.

The Kingray Professional Series is proudly manufactured in Australia and is accompanied by a comprehensive 3 year warranty.

IPTV as a Distribution Technology

In closed buildings, there is a growing requirement for distribution of TV signals over CAT 5 cables. This requires a Headend to receive the signals and transform them into IP services and also a middle-ware to administrate the IP receivers. In addition the used network structure must be designed to the requirements for IPTV transmission. This relates specifically to the used routers and switches which must support layer 3 and IGMP standard.

Key Features

  • Only one type of cabling in the building necessary.
  • With the use of transcoder server it is possible to support different end-user devices.
  • WIFI transfer to the end-user device.

TDX as part of a Fibre Distribution

Increasingly, the existing optical CATV fibre networks (maybe in the past distributing analog modulated TV signals) are more and more used to transmit IP TV Services between the central Headend and sub Headend. Also the distribution cells in new system architectures are planned smaller. One reason for this is the feed-in of Internet services and providing bandwidth for Internet services to the end customer.

These distribution cells can be built up as an RF distribution network or as an optical distribution network. There are different technologies for building up the system in terms of optical distribution. FTTC (Fibre to the curb), the optical distribution ends at the street cabinet. FTTB (Fibre to the block), the fibre reaches the boundary of the building. FTTH (Fibre to the Home), the fibre reaches the living room.

Key Features

  • Easy signal handling and management
  • Smaller RF-distribution cells
  • Independent RF distribution per cell possible
  • Redundancy systems with lower investments possible

Analogue / Digital Mirror

The TDX IP pool technology enables output of the existing services in the pool with different output modulation forms. As a result, the hardware can be minimized because each transponder is received only once. This provides the TDX as an optimal solution for the simultaneous transmission of analogue and digital services in a CATV network. The high signal-to-noise ratio allows support of large networks with multiple amplifiers in cascade.

Key Features

  • Only one receiver (tuner) per transponder
  • Encrypted services must be decrypted only once and can be used for simultaneous digital (QAM/COFDM) and analog (PAL) transmission
  • All services of a transponder can be fed into the IP pool
  • The Headend can be easily changed from analog to digital by changing the output module

Full Middleware Solution

The combination of an IP Headend and middleware addresses the fundamental needs of IPTV and Internet access for hotels, hospitals, cruise ships etc. To increase the revenue per guest a vast range of options for the multimedia promotion of different products and services are readily available. In cooperation with our partners we offer a wide range of IPTV solutions in this area.

Key Features

  • Tablet solution for remote control and live TV streaming.
  • Time shift
  • Meeting / Conference room solution: Connect, present, browse, control.
  • PVR – Personal Video Recorder.


Kingray is proud to announce the introduction of the CATTV range; this product line will transform the way television signals are delivered over CAT5 cable.

For many years CAT5/6 cable has been used to distribute various types of data throughout offices, schools, hospitals and even private homes. More recently CAT5/6 cabling has been used to reticulate many different signal sources such as audio, video and HDMI.

The Kingray CATTV product now makes it possible to add terrestrial TV to the signals distributed using CAT5/6 cabling.

At the heart of the Kingray CATTV system is the CAT01 high output distribution amplifier- capable of supplying quality signal to up to four television receivers.

The CAT01 amplifier is designed to distribute digital TV over CAT5 or CAT6 cable. It incorporates four separate RJ45 Ethernet outputs, each with it's own master gain and tilt controls, delivering a balanced output level regardless of cable length.

The signal level of each output should be adjusted taking into account the length of cable between the amplifier and the RJ45 outlets.

Connect your television to your RJ45 wall outlet using the Kingray KLE02 balun transformer cable sold separately.

The Kingray KLE02 impedance matching balun cable for connection between the RJ45 wall outlet and the television ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Rounding out the range is the optional KB02 19" rack mountable bracket.