Novonde Custom Installation Products

The Novonde brand is a registered trademark of NAS Australia. All products OEM under Novonde are fully supported by NAS here in Brisbane, Australia.

For more details and technical specifications please visit the Novonde site IP over Coax System

Novonde IPoC Series products are based multi-medium technology that deliver data rates up to 1Gbps over existing cable infrastructure.  FTTH is expensive to implement in brown fields and MDUs due to high labor costs, difficult retrofits, poor technology mix, and slow roll-outs. Novonde IPoC FTTR (Fiber to the Riser) solution has an impressive performance, even over poor and degraded MATV/CATV networks, and is easier to deploy and provides substantial CAPEX savings when compared to traditional FTTH alternatives.

Novonde IPoC Series products enable SP to deliver FTTH-class service to MDU apartments while avoiding the costs of replacing copper trunks and/or laterals with fiber.  High digital modulation (up to 4096QAM) deliver increased data rates to ensure the access network is future-ready for new services such as multi-stream 4K IPTV, cloud-based storage or 802.11ac wireless hotspots.

Key features

  • Broadband over legacy cables (Coaxial / Telephone)
  • Physical topology can be Star wired, Daisy-chained or Trunk and Branched
  • Low frequency (5 ~ 85MHz) for longer distances
  • Remote management of connected clients
  • Head-end is Layer 2 managed switch
  • QOS

Commercial SD Digital Modulator

With the analog sunset almost completed, and DVB-T becoming the dominant form of TV distribution, it's time digital modulation went mainstream...  Enter the Novonde Commercial Modulator series.

In a sleek wall mountable housing, the Novonde series is available in SD dual channel (current) and HD single channel versions (coming soon).  The MODSD2 offers MPEG-2 modulation of two composite (CVBS), S-Video or component (YPbPr) inputs multiplexed into a single digital RF signal at any Australian frequency.  The MODHD1 features both MPEG-2 and H.264 encoding standards for an HDMI high definition (1080i or 720P) input with superb results.  Both models feature elegant methods for programming via front panel including simplified pre-sets for stacking multiple modulators in a single installation. 

Best of all, Novonde Commercial series modulators make every digital modulation job extremely affordable.  Make analog history and modernise your distribution today.

The MODSD2 dual CVBS, S-video and YPbPr input digital modulator is ideal for converting any AV source (DVD, Foxtel, CCTV cameras etc) into a digital RF channel.

Key Features

  • Configurable bit-rates
  • RF input/out combiner
  • Logical Channel Numbers (LCN)
  • Excellent modulation quality MER > 32dB
  • LCD display & local configuration
  • Wall/shelf mountable
  • Well ventilated, pressed metal chassis
  • 12V DC power input
  • PIN protected key lock
  • Novonde custom software

Professional Digital Modulators

Our Novonde Professional Integrated Digital Modulators (SD/HDMI) are no different. 19" rack mountable, these digital modulators are designed for commercial applications whereby you want to convert any AV source (Foxtel, CCTV Camera's, Blu-ray players etc) into an RF digital channel utilising the existing coaxial cable network.

The Novonde all-in-one professional HDTV Digital Modulators are legacy friendly (MPEG2 encoding) and future proof (H.264 encoding). The MODHD4 has 2 RF outs allowing for 4 HDMI services to be displayed at maximum capacity without the need for heavy compression. Each RF out can cater up to 27.7Mbps which, for 2 HDMI sources, is heaps even if set to 12Mbps for each.

Having the encoders on removable cassettes allows for easy repair/fault finding as well as creating hybrid solutions such as HDMI and RCA/S-video/Component inputs.

Key Features

  • Fully configurable bit-rates
  • Powerful multiplex configuration
  • RF input/output combiner
  • 1920x1080 HD support
  • Interchangeable input modules
  • Simple Logical Channel Numbers (LCN)
  • Excellent modulation quality MER ≥ 32dB
  • LCD display & local configuration
  • WEB GUI Net management
  • 19” 1RU rack mounted chassis
  • Well ventilated, pressed metal chassis
  • IEC 240V AC power input
  • IPTV uni-cast/multicast streams
  • VLC compatible IPTV (MPTS) stream
  • Simultaneous IP output

Custom Install Speakers

Our Novonde range of custom install speakers are "AAA" grade quality by a top global OEM manufacturer. A cost effective solution with 'exceptional' acoustic performance makes the Novonde range of custom install speakers’ ideal for home theatre and distributed audio applications.


  • Dual 5.25" In-wall speaker (woven Kevlar cone)
  • Pivoting Tweeter
  • Aluminium grills
  • 4ohm/8ohm switchable on PCB
  • 150W max power
  • 330mm cut out size
  • 72mm depth
  • Individually packaged


  • 6.25" In-ceiling speaker
  • Pivoting Tweeter
  • Aluminium grills
  • 4ohm/8ohm switchable on PCB
  • 125W max power
  • 202mm cut out size
  • 104mm depth
  • Packaged as a pair


  • 8.25" In-ceiling speaker
  • Pivoting Tweeter
  • Aluminium grills
  • 4ohm/8ohm switchable on PCB
  • 155W max power
  • 244mm cut out size
  • 120mm depth
  • Packaged as a pair