Sefram Test Equipment

The feeling of a new way of measurement is here!

Sefram is a respected French manufacturer of field strength meters for digital and analogue television and satellite, terrestrial and cable applications. With decades of experience making test meters for the electrical trades around the world, Sefram has turned to digital signal meters in recent years, setting new benchmarks for the established manufacturers to reach. NAS is the authorised agent for all Sefram signal level meters throughout Australia.

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Sefram 7846

The Sefram 7846 is a compact little combo (Sat/FTA) meter designed precisely for the everyday installer in mind. Displaying all digital measurements for FTA programs in SD and HD (MPEG2 and MPEG4) on a 4.3" colour screen LCD, the 7846 is definitely the installers’ weapon of choice for measuring signal accurately, while on a budget.

  • Full digital measurements for DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-S2: BER, MER, PER, Link Margin
  • Checksat mode for fast alignment of dishes (with NIT)
  • DiSeqC 1.2 and SatCR
  • Echoes measurement with graphical display of the guard interval (DVB-T)
  • Display constellation pattern
  • Fast Spectrum analysis
  • Network table display
  • 4.3" LCD TFT colour screen
  • Shockproof housing
  • USB interface
  • Cell ID display
  • Easy to use- sensitive wheel and direct access to functions
  • Light weight - 1.5kg

Sefram 7870 Touchscreen Series

Time is money! With its fast and expert spectrum analysis, the checksat mode with electronic compass and NIT, the Cell ID function, real time echoes and pre-echoes, the MER per carrier, the constellation diagram, the fast Autoset, the LTE function to help the diagnostic of spurious filtering, no doubt that you can setup a TV receiving system in record time.

To protect your TV meter, we have designed a very robust aluminum housing with a protective pouch. For your safety, we supplied an ingenious system of belts and clip with a light transportation bag.

With the largest and brightest LCD on the market, using the new TV meter is possible in all conditions of light, including sunny environments. With the 10" touchscreen, you will use your new meter like a smartphone or a tablet: no need to worry where and which button to push, everything is displayed on the large screen in a clear and easy way. Incredibly user friendly!

  • Panoramic LCD touchscreen: 10" (16:9)
  • Display FTA programs for digital terrestrial, cable and satellite
  • Display High Definition TV programs (MPEG4-H264)
  • All measurements for DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, DVB-S and DVB-S2
  • All measurements for MPEG2 and MPEG4
  • Ultra fast spectrum analysis and expert spectrum analysis
  • Checksat mode with NIT (satellite recognition)
  • LTE function
  • Real time echoes and pre-echoes measurement with zoom
  • Constellation diagram with zoom
  • Three in one display (measurement, TV picture and mini spectrum)
  • Multistream capability
  • Memorise and export/import data with USB

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