Often, Simple is Best!

SignalMAX has always stood for optimal performance. But it’s also been about no nonsense. Cat6A shielded ethernet cables are the new standard for 10Gbit performance, featuring full shield and foil wrapped pairs (S/FTP). With convenient lengths, interchangeable colour markers and snagless clips, make every patch panel look and perform at its best. Simple.

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Television Reception Accessories

SignalMAX - From the Rooftop to the Set top.

SignalMAX television reception accessories include coaxial cable, home theatre cable, connectors, splitters, outlet plates, multiswitches, LNB's, satellite dishes and receivers, AV switches, economy and premium antennas, antenna mounting hardware and much more. SignalMAX products have a growing reputation for high performance, quality and reliability while retaining competitive pricing. 

Italian Made Log Periodic

The SignalMAX Professional ANTLP34SM log periodic antenna is the perfect multiband antenna. made in Italy, using premium grade non-recycled aluminium, on a computer controlled machine with 0.1mm tolerances, SignalMAX delivers the perfect log periodic antenna. High gain and high return loss ensures excellent performance between channels 6 and 69.

The ANTLP34SM features a patented connection system using 75ohm F connections at both ends of the termination, ensuring best-in-class impedance matching and highest return loss, for optimum signal transmission.

Key Features

  • 32 element log periodic design
  • 2 x tilt brackets included
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Flat signal response for Australian channels
  • High efficiency construction and design
  • Machine constructed in Italy
  • A-grade aluminium alloy
  • Dual internal F-termination

Professional Cable Series

NAS is proud to announce the arrival of our SignalMAX professional cable series. The cable is still our dependable, premium quality, Austar approved cable but in a new "professional grade" quality packaging. The packaging consists of a plastic coated, double thickness cardboard for water resistance and high durability.

The reel in box system is a revelation. Reinforced plastic cable exit points on both sides double as sturdy handles. Bound together with strong strapping, these boxes will survive to the last meter of cable.

On the inside, things are different too. A simplified cable spooling system ensures that cable reels off smoothly, without over-running or tangling. The reel is fully plastic construction secured with steel booker rods, ensuring that it goes the full distance.

If you prefer to use your own reeler and use wooden reels, SignalMAX Professional has got you covered too. The 305m timber spools are robust and also held together with steel booker rods

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