Simple Wall Mounts

NAS has been selected as the Exclusive Australian Distributor for the Simple Wall Mount Co.  To commence with we are ranging the iPad Mini wall mount for 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPad Mini’s and the iPod 5th generation wall mount.


All of our of flush mount enclosures for your Apple products have been designed with style and simplicity in mind. They work in a fashion similar to your average light switch cover. This allows all of our mounts to compliment the style of the rest of your home or office fixtures.

The back plate of the mount has been designed to sit in your plaster wall. It fastens to the backside of the wall by simply turning a few screws. The back plate of the wall mount provides access for the power cord and audio cable to plug directly into your device keeping all cords hidden. The faceplate is about 6.35mm thick and sits against the front of the plaster wall.  Each wall mount contains two faceplates.  One faceplate allows access to the home button, for various applications. The other faceplate covers the home button, ideal for limiting the device to one application.