About Siretta

NAS is proud to be a  Siretta Distributor.

Siretta is a leading supplier of wireless product solutions, specialising in the areas of wireless terminals, antennas, cable assemblies and connectors/adaptors. Our expertise in wireless technology has enabled us to not only build a broad and relevant product range, but also to provide a high level of technical support and advice to add significant value to our customer's designs.

Snyper 2G & 3G Spectrum Analyzers

The SNYPER-3G Spectrum is the advanced version of the Snyper with a number of important and sought after features as standard.

Special Features:

  • The ability to lock onto a single network provider.
  • Typically, store 30 previous surveys, which can be downloaded over USB
  • Continuous ‘live scan’ with a real time graphical display.
  • liveSCAN antenna kit accessory:

The directional antenna allows the operator to determine the directional position of the network operator’s base station at a site and thus position the site’s fixed antenna correctly. The same process can show which is the strongest signal from all network operators and which direct the antenna will need to point gain this maximum signal.  The SNYPER-3G’s display shows a continuous and real time graph of signal strength versus direction of the hand held antenna.

The SNYPER-3G Spectrum cellular signal tester can also determine the strength of a particular network signal, or can review all available network signals in the area of use, and rank these in order of strength through its summary page. The summary page is an incredibly powerful feature allowing network operator choice to be made based on both signal strength and number of usable cells, with all data visible concurrently. The SNYPER-3G Spectrum also has a number of signal strength thresholds within the summary page, providing a more concise view where only signals above a certain dB level are of interest.

Key Features

  • 2G / GPRS: 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz bands
  • 3G / UMTS: 900 / 2100 MHz bands
  • Displays network names throughout the world
  • Find the best antenna/location combination for an installation
  • Measures and displays relevant GSM network information
  • Unique networks summary “in location” feature
  • Measures and detects surrounding GSM base stations
  • Large LCD with intuitive menuing
  • Li-Ion battery (2Ah) offering more than 48 - hour use on one charge
  • Very rugged and rubberised enclosure
  • Hard carrying case included
  • Can use any antenna with SMA connector