The CathexisVision IP Video Management Software suite provides an extensive range of sophisticated solutions to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market sectors. These sectors include retail, banking, hospitality, mining, education campuses, residential and commercial estates, manufacturing, healthcare, transport, logistics and city surveillance among many others.

Increase Efficiency, Increase Effectiveness, Increase Return-on-investment


I.P Camera Support

Event and Action Management

Third Party Systems Integration

Storage Solutions

Advanced Video Search

Adjacent Camera Mapping

Mulit-Server Site Management

Access Rights Management

Alarm Management

Camera Parameter Cloning (CPC)

Set Up Wizard

Video Wall

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)



Map Interface

Video Analytics


Health Monitoring


Upgradeable Architecture

Enterprise Multi-site Management

Feature & Tutorial Videos

Feature Videos

Discover the power of CathexisVision software with their marketing video library.

Tutorial Videos

Cathexis have over 50 tutorial videos in our repository. Learn how to use CathexisVision, and its extensive range of features, quickly and easily

Cathexis Website

CathexisVision specializes in Thermal Camera, Speed Detection, Motion Detection, Video Analytics, Dynamic Background, POS Integration and much more.

About Cathexis

Cathexis is an electronic and software systems development, and manufacturing company, specialising in video management solutions, for the international market.

The company has been developing solutions for the industry for more than 18 years, and has significant blue-chip customers across the globe. Cathexis’ video surveillance solutions can be found in many diverse vertical markets, including; Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Mining, Education, Transport, Residential Estates, Business parks, City surveillance, Government, Remote-monitoring, Shopping malls and Commercial property solutions amongst others.

The word Cathexis derives from the Greek word “kathexis”, meaning ‘focused thought’ or concentration of energy on an object or idea.

This principle is embodied in Cathexis' mission statement which epitomises their continuous quest for excellence: …to be recognised and respected within the global surveillance market as a supplier of product, technology, and knowledge that empowers their channel partners to offer clients holistic solutions.

Cathexis prides itself in being responsive to its customers’ needs, and provides video surveillance solutions that will still be relevant many years in the future. We have a reputation for exceptional support, and product enhancement to satisfy market requirement.

The real-world project experience, and application engineering expertise accumulated over the years, is evident in Cathexis’ systems and software. They emerge as a wealth of features, and powerful integration capability, which sets Cathexis systems apart from competitors.