About SolarKing

SolarKing is an Australian owned and run company. With 21 years experience working with renewable energy solar products. SolarKing has become a major player in the Australian residential solar products and off grid solar panel markets.

From our manufacturing facility in Shanghai China, we continue development of standalone solar products. SolarKing ethos is to produce the highest quality products at affordable prices and promote greener lifestyle, reducing our carbon foot print.

SolarKing provides products such as our Solar Roof Exhaust Fan that will lower energy usage in the home or work place and support lower carbon emissions. Australia’s summers seem to be getting hotter and longer. Our Solar Roof Exhaust Fan pulls the hot air out of the roof space, allowing the cooler air to drawn in. Reducing energy bills and creating a more comfortable, cleaner home or work space.

We also continue expansion of our range of PV solar panels. SolarKing manufactures fixed, portable and flexible Solar PV panels from 10 watts through to 200 watts. We also manufacture both Lithium and lead acid batteries. We also have a full range of solar regulators from 10amp to 60amps, with both MPPT and PWM charging technology.

We have an Australia wide dealer network. Providing our customers flexibility to purchase close to home or from us directly.

We have also begun our expansion from our Australian and Chinese markets to become a global operator. If you are interested in dealing directly overseas with SolarKing to stringent Australian quality control standards, simply contact our sales email.

The SolarKing promise is to produce the highest quality products at an affordable price and to always be at the cutting edge of design.