What Is VAST?

The Viewer Access Satellite Television service, or VAST, is a satellite television platform in Australia, providing digital television and radio services to remote and black spot areas using the Optus C1 and Optus D3 satellites. It is partly funded by the Australian Government and managed through a joint-venture between Southern Cross Media and Imparja Television. It is a replacement for the Optus Aurora service and provides channels which have been absent on free-to-view satellite until now, such as a Network Ten affiliate, and the digital multichannels. Viewers accessing the service must use a VAST certified satellite decoder/receiver (set-top box) and smart card, and go through the necessary application process.

More details on the VAST application process: http://www.myvast.com.au

VAST For Travellers

If you plan on traveling through regional or remote Australia, you will need suitable equipment to receive the VAST service. You will need a portable satellite dish kit and a VAST receiver (set-top box) with a smart-card (comes married with the receiver). As a traveller, you are catered for as a special category that can be granted an initial six-month period of VAST access. You can apply for an extension of this period during the four weeks before its expiry. Once you have your equipment, you will need to register your new VAST receiver (set-top box) before you receive all your services.

To fully register you’ll be asked for the VAST receiver (set-top box) model number, the serial number and the smart-card number inside the receiver (set-top box).


Traveller’s Application Form: https://www.mysattv.com.au/travellers.aspx

Is My Current Dish Still Capable of Receiving VAST Services?

Most dishes are still capable of receiving the VAST services, and as long as they are free from dirt and corrosion should still work fine.  However, the “LNB” (the receiver in the middle of the dish that the cable is connected to) needs to be updated to the “10.7” or “10700” type.  If you are still using the old “11.3” or “11300” type, some services (ABC/SBS so far) will be inaccessible.  Fortunately, new LNBs (or LNBFs) are much cheaper and more readily available than they used to be.  Please check the markings on your LNB or check with your local satellite antenna installer if you have any doubts, or if you need help updating your LNB.

What Channels Are Available on VAST?

VAST provides a minimum of 16 digital television channels and 14 digital radio channels, the same number of channels available in metropolitan terrestrial areas. All ABC and SBS television channels are available in separate state feeds. The commercial channels are provided by Southern Cross Media, Imparja Television, Golden West Network and WIN Television.

Southern Cross Media and Imparja are broadcasting the full range of digital commercial television channels in standard definition (with programming from the 7, 9 and 10 networks) and the high definition channels One HD, 7mate and GEM. VAST also provides all the standard and high definition channels from ABC and SBS. The local news content from regional broadcasters is also available on a dedicated local news channels exclusive to VAST.

Rural health and Weslink channels are now available on VAST.

More information on available channels: http://www.digitalready.gov.au/what-is-the-switch/digital-tv/viewer-access-satellite-television-vast

Why NAS Can Help

NAS Australia, formerly Nationwide Antenna Systems, is a fully family owned and operated Queensland wholesaler and distributor of television reception products. NAS is proud to have been a key provider of satellite television dishes and equipment to regional and remote Queensland homesteads since the late 1980s. In 1998, NAS was selected by the Australian Government to be the master distributor and national support centre for the UEC AURORA satellite receivers and to administer the voucher system for the federal ‘RABS’ digital changeover assistance program.

NAS continues to be widely respected in the industry for its straight forward approach to technical, marketing and support issues and for its fair dealing approach to business with its many customers throughout Queensland and regional Australia. NAS continues to serve antenna professionals with products, services and skills in the many technical transitions as we move into the fully-digital era and in to the future of the ‘connected home’.

Thousands of remote users have received our helpful advice via our 1800 Aurora technical help line between 1998 and 2010. Many of our trade and specialist customers vouch for our many decades of loyal service.

“I have been installing satellite decoders for two decades now in the southwest Queensland towns of Dirranbandi and Hebel area. I have always purchased my decoders and equipment from NAS Australia as I have had no problems with fast delivery and great backup service with any returns, and very obliging technical service. NAS, a Queensland company giving great service to outback towns.” Barrie Watt - Hebel Satellite TV Installations

Advance Communications has been purchasing Satellite TV equipment from NAS Australia for over 15 years. We have found them to be a leader in this field, with quality products and a solid back up for it. Over the years there have been changes to the Satellite platforms and NAS have been heavily involved in the process and a great source of knowledge for dealers and resellers. This is continuing today with the changes from analogue to digital. NAS is a valued supplier to our company and the industry.” Peter Wrensted – Managing Director – Advance Communications

Nearing the end of its 15 year life-cycle, the Aurora system is now being replaced by the VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) service, with more channels and HD services available to homes, farms and businesses in every corner of Australia.

NAS is proud to distribute the Altech UEC range of VAST digital set-tops and LCD TVs as well as working with Korean set top box manufacturer, Humax, to provide the most advanced VAST receiver and recorder systems available.

Allow our almost 40 years of experience to work for you - NAS Australia - The Professionals Choice