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4921 Frequently Asked Questions

 Make sure you have completed the “over the air software update” upon start up. See page 42 of the user manual for instructions.

“Factory Reset” Also Required: Menu> Settings> Installation> Pin 1,2,3,4> Factory Reset.

If no channel list continues to be displayed. Make sure the smartcard has been inserted into the unit correctly. (Gold contact facing down, green side up. Silver arrow going in first)

The DSD4921RV unit will work with a external usb or hard disk drive with a storage capacity of 8Gb ~ 2 TB. Please see link for recommend drives: 

If your unit is still not detecting the usb or hard drive device, follow these instructions: Disconnect usb or hard drive device, perform “Factory Reset” (see above)

Once “First Time Installation” is complete, connect usb or hard drive device. Go to Menu> Settings> User Preferences> Recording> Set Up Recording Device. The unit will format the chosen usb or hard drive device.

If you are unable to get the unit to power up. Check your external power supply to see if there is a blue light displayed on the power supply itself. If there is no blue light, the power supply is faulty and you will require a replacement. If there is a blue light and no lights on the DSD4921RV, there may be an internal fault.

Make sure your TV is on the correct input channel to view the DSD4921RV (HDMI or AV input).

If you are finding that your scheduled recordings are recording for a significant time after the scheduled program is set to finish in the EPG, check your ‘Recording start lead-time’ and your ‘Recording end delay’.

Menu> settings> User Preferences> Recording> Recording start lead-time or Recording end delay.

You will be able to change those actions from anywhere between 5mins-30mins.

The ‘Recording start lead-time’ is the time that the unit will start recording your scheduled recording before the program is supposed to start. For example if your ‘Recording start lead time’ is set to 5mins, your DSD4921RV will start recording 5mins before the program is scheduled to start. It is the same with the ‘Recording end delay’.

Left LED - Power LED   
Red - Solid Standby
Green  Normal
Green - Flashing IR Activity
Middle LED - Status LED  
Orange -  Blinking MAIL Recieved 
Orange - Solid LNB Overcurrent
Red - Solid  Error Banner
Green - Solid Radio Service
Right LED - PVR LED  
Orange - Solid HDD Space Low
Red - Solid Recording Busy
Green - Solid Archive Available


Set Top Hardware Support

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